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  • Welcome to Semaphore Simulations!

  • We're a content publisher formed of several independent developers (over 15 developers at the time of writing!) combined to create one simple and easy place to access all of our work and to allow our work to give exposure to each other.

    If you want to add to that number of developers - click the "Sign Up" button in the top right!

    The History

    The first idea for Semaphore Simulations was between GenericTS, ACSim & MorganProductions around the end of 2018. At that point, we all released content for Train Simulator and released them on our own websites, but collectively they never amassed much attention. Semaphore Simulations was to put us under one name & site, to enable more frequent releases of a greater variety of content to get more attention & views to our content. 

    Eventually, several other developers contacted us with an interest to join the site too and we worked to combine all of the content onto one site with the initial release of the site at the end of 2019, with over 1000 visitors in the first 24 hours. From then, we worked to bring new developers on board as well as publishing new, frequent content. Toward the end of 2020, we'd grown significantly and found that our old site was quite a bottleneck in allowing us to get new content out quickly & easily, which led us to spend over £150 in software to set up this new site, which helped massively in our desire to get content out quicker.

    Our Releases

    We publish a variety of different types of content for Train Simulator, such as reskins, scenarios, routes & patches. We're also looking into publishing for other games such as OMSI 2 to broaden our reach further. Examples of various releases are available from the images at the top of the page. We're always looking to diversify the content we release and improve the quality of them where possible.

    Why join us?

    We serve several hundred downloads per week to users around the world through a professional website with minimal downtime. We also aim to be available as possible to get content published as fast as possible and be supportive to help you resolve any issues with content, as well as being flexible to enable different content from different games to be hosted with us.

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