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  1. Scenes we all like to see, especially if you like HSTSs!

    Based on the 2007 WTT and correct MML 2007 diagrams too so if 8 car Meridians are your thing, you might want to keep a close eye on the downloads in the next few days

    Also hoping to clear the BacklogTM of scenarios that I have *almost* completed but then got bored and retreated to the cookie jar


  2. Version 1.0.1


    Services to Kings Lynn usually run in 4 carriage formations due to short platforms en route. However, on this service, the rear 4 coaches didn't detach at Cambridge. Therefore, you will be running this delayed 365 to Kings Lynn in 8 car formations stopping at Ely, Downham Market and Kings Lynn only. Expect to be held up as the signaller tries to keep the Up London service on time REQUIREMENTS (All requirements are essential) 4AS Fen Line (linked in readme) RSC ECML South & RSC Class 465 AP Class 365 EP RSC Liverpool to Manchester Thomson WCML Trent Valley JT Midland Mainline (for common library assets) VP Tree Pack Thomson Class 170 AP Class 170 EP Scenario compatible with AP Sky & Weather EP
  3. Everyone enjoying the Fen Line? 😉


  4. I hope you like Voyagers because I have a short and simple scenario coming soon for the Class 221 on WCMLS. A late evening run from Birmingham to Coventry makes for a lovely run


  5. Hello there!

    Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and enjoyed my CEP scenario which was, for a few hours, the most downloaded item on this new site! 

    I'm currently busy doing others things but fear not, I have a few scenarios in the mix. The next one should be triple 158s on the Fife Circle which should be out soon. 

    I also have an Angel set scenario on MML South coming soon too. It'll be out later as I've got plenty of bugs to slap first

    Have a fantastic day!


  6. Version 1.0.0


    It's a wonderful spring morning in 2004 and you're tasked with taking a 4BEP and 4CEP from Guildford to Portsmouth. Set up the train from cold and call at all stations on route. There should be no disruption! Have a good trip! ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS DTG Portsmouth Direct Line Extension AP Class 411/412 “CEP” Recommend Requirements (scenario can be played with these by pressing F2 then "cancel" when running the scenario) Kuju European Locos & Assets AP Class 450EP Thomson Class 455 ATS SWT Stripes reskin (James Ivell) RSC Class 159 AP Class 158 EP (Cummins)
  7. Version 1.0.0


    You'll be operating service 2T10 from Strood to Paddock Wood. Due to leaf fall coming earlier than expected, the timetable hasn't been adjusted to cope with your 375's wheelslip protection so the timings will be very tight. Calling points are Cuxton (0639), Halling (0642 1/2), Snodland (0645 1/2), New Hythe (0648), Aylesford (0650 1/2), Maidstone Barracks (0655 1/2), Maidstone West (0658), East Farleigh (0703), Wateringbury (0708), Yalding (0711 1/2), Beltring (0714 1/2) and finally Paddock Wood (0719). ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS DTG Chatham Main Line & Medway Valley Line AP Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack Recommend Requirements (scenario can be played with these by pressing F2 then "cancel" when running the scenario) RSC London to Faversham RSC Freightliner Class 66 v2 AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack
  8. Version 1.0.0


    It’s late 2009 and you are tasked in delivering some freight across the North London Line. The challenge? Leaf fall and a leading London Overground service will be causing grief all the way to Stratford. Whilst all rolling stock is accurate to the set date, this is not set to any timetable. Furthermore, 86s aren't actually cleared between Willesden Junction and Camden via Gospel Oak due to the neutral section from the WCML to the NLL not being suitable! ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS DTG North London Line & GOBLIN Route AP Waggonz Class 313 RSC Class 86 AP Class 86 EP Recommend Requirements (scenario can be played with these by pressing F2 then "cancel" when running the scenario) RSC Class 66 Freightliner Pack AP Class 66 EP AP Waggonz Class 321 AP JNA Waggon Pack AP Class 90 GEML Pack (From Steam) AP Waggonz Class 315
  9. Version 1.0.0


    It's Summer 2003 and you've been tasked with 1P11 from Norwich to London Liverpool Street. Enjoy the non stop run from Ispwich to London, perhaps not the "fast" run you had your hopes up for. ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS RSC Great Eastern Main Line Traction Depot Norwich Extension AP Wherry Lines DTG Class 86 AP Class 86 EP AP Mk2 D-F Coach Pack AP Mk2 DBSO Recommend Requirements (scenario can be played with these by pressing F2 then "cancel" when running the scenario) Thomson Class 170 Pack AP Class 170 EP AP Class 321 AP Class 150/2 Kuju EU Loco And Assets Pack AP/Waggonz Class 315
  10. Version 1.0.1


    It's a Tuesday evening during the COVID19 pandemic. Operating on the temporary July 2020 timetable, take 2B51 from Southampton to Bournemouth on a stopping service. It's rather quiet out on the line this evening so enjoy a speedy run. Set up the train before stopping at Totton (1900), Ashurst New Forest (1905), Brockenhurst (1914), Sway (1918), New Milton (1923), Hinton Admiral (1927) and Chistchurch (1932) before arriving into Bournemouth at 1938. Enjoy the run! ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS DTG Southampton to Bournemouth DTG Portsmouth Direct Line Extension AP Class 444/450 EP o Semaphore Simulations 444/450 SWR Reskin Pack Recommend Requirements (scenario can be played with these by pressing F2 then "cancel" when running the scenario) RSC Class 70 RSC Class 159 AP Class 158 Cummins EP MJW Plawwie Patch (Optional) JT Class 220/221 Voyager Advanced
  11. Version 1.0.1


    Drive 313214 from Portsmouth to Warblington on a quiet afternoon. This should be a short and simple drive through Portsmouth and the surrounding area. You will call at Fratton (1401), Hilsea (1405), Bedhampton (1410), Havant (1413) and Warblington (1415). Year: 2020 To celebrate the 2021 Semaphore Simulations site upgrade, I've added a second version of the scenario utilising 313201! Please not that the readme does not cover this change. To install the desired version, click on the folder for the scenario then drag the content file as per usual ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS DTG Portsmouth Direct Line (2018) AP Class 444/450 EP AP/Waggonz Class 313 Backdated Train Sim 313201 Reskin (required only for the BR Blue version) Recommend Requirements (scenario can be played with these by pressing F2 then "cancel" when running the scenario) DTG Chatham Mainline AP Class 375/377 EP DTG Class 442 VP SWR Class 442 Semaphore Simulations Class 444/450 SWR reskin (required only for BR Blue version)
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