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Fen Line

2 files

  1. 1T10 - London Kings Cross to Kings Lynn

    Pick up 365510 from Ely Station and take it to Kings Lynn, calling at all stations on the way.
    4Aspect Simulation Fen Line Phase 1 RSC ECML South & RSC Class 465 AP Class 365 Enhancement Pack Thomson Class 170 Armstrong Powerhouse Class 168/170/11 Enhancement Pack and all Prerequisites DPS RFlectcher72 Clas 365 Cambridge & Ely (AP Version) AP Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack All listed requirements are essential



  2. 1T14 - Kings Cross (Ely) to Kings Lynn

    Services to Kings Lynn usually run in 4 carriage formations due to short platforms en route. However, on this service, the rear 4 coaches didn't detach at Cambridge. Therefore, you will be running this delayed 365 to Kings Lynn in 8 car formations stopping at Ely, Downham Market and Kings Lynn only. Expect to be held up as the signaller tries to keep the Up London service on time
    REQUIREMENTS (All requirements are essential)
    4AS Fen Line (linked in readme) RSC ECML South & RSC Class 465 AP Class 365 EP RSC Liverpool to Manchester Thomson WCML Trent Valley JT Midland Mainline (for common library assets) VP Tree Pack Thomson Class 170 AP Class 170 EP Scenario compatible with AP Sky & Weather EP



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    • TurboTed

      As of February 27th 2024, the Chiltern Railways Class 172/1 reskin received a major update to it's internal and external textures. This reskin has also been updated to use my newer installation method. 
      What has changed:
      Interior sides of external doors recoloured and retextured. Passenger information screens retextured. Retextured ceiling panels. Retextured inter-connecting carriage doors. Retextured seatbacks. Stand Clear decals on external doors added. For more information please visit: https://sites.google.com/view/turbo-ted/train-sim-content#h.2gndem5alxlt
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