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  • Missing requirements in a scenario?

    When loading the scenario, you may be presented with a message telling you that you are missing stock. Press F2 and press "Cancel" and the scenario will load.
    If you are missing essential requirements then the scenario may not work as intended and we cannot provide support for that.

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This is just a simple .hof file for Westcountry3, to replicate the Stagecoach destination style. Included are custom display textures for the MS hanover system & the SP Hanover system (including Flipdot!) There's not really much else to say, it's literally exactly what it says on the tin.Requirements.png.aeafccc223e40cd2bb83f6599da71eb5.png

Masterswitch Studios Veiling Pack

Masterswitch Studios Gen 3 Pack

Studio Polygon Lite

Studio Polygon 400MMC Pack

Studio Polygon Renown

Westcountry3 (This pack is compatible with v3.03)


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