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12 files

  1. [DnA] First South Yorkshire Repaint Pack

    Studio Polygon Lite Masterswitch Masterbus Gen 3 Masterswitch Masterbus Veiling

    This is a Repaint pack with over 60 high-quality repaints, each being a different member of the First South Yorkshire fleet. Ranging from realistic repaints to even some fictional ones, allowing everyone to drive their favourite South Yorkshire liveries, past and present, even if that exact bus type may not be in OMSI at the moment. Each repaint comes with its own fleet number and registration, these are all clearly mentioned in the title when choosing your repaint. First South Yorkshire operates out of two depots - Olive Grove in Sheffield and Leger Way in Doncaster - there are plenty of repaints carefully recreated from each depot, even including some route brands! This pack also includes a hof file for WestCountry 3.03, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire 3.0, to allow you to have the full South Yorkshire experience, no matter what map you're on!
    You can find more information about the exact fleet numbers, and liveries in the readme.txt, that comes with your download.

    To install, simply drag and drop the OMSI 2 file into the "common" folder inside steamapps (this will more than likely be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\" for you). There should not be any overwriting files.
    If you are updating the pack from any previous release other than v1.5, you should run the "[DnA] Old File Remover.bat", which can be found in your main OMSI 2 install - failing to do this will result in conflicting files which will cause more harm than good. You can do this before the new update install, or after - it will not remove new files.

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  2. [DnA] Go WestCountry Repaint Pack

    Studio Polygon Lite
    Masterswitch Masterbus Gen 3

    GoWestCountry is a brand new company, owned by GoAhead Group, operating in the WestCountry region of the United Kingdom. They're on a mission to improve bus services across the region, providing high-quality bus services, with high-spec buses, featuring announcements, USBs, WiFi and much more! They will operate across two main depots in the region - Paignton depot (Middant) and Totnes depot, and different depots run different routes across the map, as per real life. This is a pack with over 40 high-quality repaints, some being different variations of the same livery, and some others being entirely different members of the GoWestCountry fleet. Not only does this pack come with over 40 repaints, it also comes with a HOF, featuring Custom fonts, to replicate those used by GoAhead in their North East division, as this is where the repaints have been based on. Additionally, this pack also comes with an AI List, which will use the repaints and HOF provided, to provide you with the best experience possible with the pack, giving you that full GoAhead experience.
    You can find more information about the exact fleet numbers, and liveries in the readme.txt, that comes with your download.

    To install, simply drag and drop the OMSI 2 file into the "common" folder inside steamapps (this will more than likely be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\" for you). There should not be any overwriting files. 
    It is recommended that you make a backup of the AI List that comes with the map, in case you ever wish to revert to the older one.

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  3. Arriva Repaint Pack

    This repaint pack contains highly detailed renditions of many Arriva liveries and brands found in the real world. There’s ‘Cotswold Stone’, ‘Interurban’, ‘Journey Mark’ and even ‘Sapphire’. This pack of repaints has been in development by myself for several months, so I’m very proud to have it out there for everybody to enjoy! Repaints are included for several buses, including (but not limited to) the Studio Polygon Lite, Renown, Masterbus Veiling, Morphi’s Citaro & V3D’s B7TL ALX400! Regarding the Studio Polygon Renown, Cotswold Stone and Interurban have already been done by me, and are available in the official repaint pack!

    V3D's Enviro 200 MMC MrChips' E200MMC Enhancement Pack JR21's London Spec E200MMC Mod Studio Polygon Lite Pack Studio Polygon 400MMC Studio Polygon Renown (and Repaint Pack) Masterswitch Masterbus Gen 3 Pack Masterswitch Masterbus Veiling Pack Add-On London Morphi's Citaro Pre-Facelift 'v5' V3D's Alexander ALX400 - Volvo B7TL  

    V3D: For the ‘Enviro 200 MMC’ and 'Volvo B7TL - ALX400' packs. SemaphoreSimulations (AlexCee & Minion_Josh_): Hosting the pack on their web server made specially for this! Reverseidle: Floor and fabric textures (For interurban and JM). Studio Polygon: For the ‘Studio Polygon Lite’, ‘Studio Polygon 400MMC’ and ‘Studio Polygon Renown’ packs. Leland Hill: Adverts. travisthemoon: Testing (yes for repaints) and offering helpful feedback for the pack.
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  4. Go North East Citaro Pack

    Mercedes Citaro UK

    Whats Included in the Download:

    X66 Bendy (newer style) O530:
    2016 Fleet 2019 Fleet Tynedale Express The 9 Connector Shuttle Citylink 57 new/old Crusader Connections 4 old Xlines X20 5333 Xlines X20 Unbranded Sunderland Shuttle Sunderland Shuttle Unbranded Durham Diamond Diamond

    Chips - Made the repaint and all the other things! Lowlander 21 - converting the bus



  5. Go North East MasterDeck Pack

    MasterDeck Gen 3 Addon

    Whats Included in the Download:
    Streetdeck G3:
    2019 Fleet 6301-6307 Castles Express Angel 21 (as new) Xlines X21 6304/6333 Xlines X5/X15 6301-6304 Xlines X1 6364-6375 Xlines Redkite 6333/6358 Hop Tap Go 6332 Flexility 6331 Poppy 6333
    Gemini 3 B5TL LWB (facelift):
    Xlines X21 6308-6314
    Gemini 3 B5TL (pre-facelift):
    Xlines Spare 6334/5 Fictional Redkite Fictional Tynemouth 6101 Poppy 6086 One GNE 6050 Gemini 3 B5LH (pre-facelift):
    Coaster Orignal Coaster Revised Fleet 6064/6069/6070 Angel ELECTRIC HYBRID



  6. Go North East MS Veiling Pack

    Masterswitch Studios Veiling

    This is a Go North East repaint pack which has all brands that Go North East Wright Eclipses have worn. In the download you will get the following:
    Metrocentre Shuttle X66 5501 Metrocentre Shuttle X66 5502 Metrocentre Shuttle X66 5503 2019 Fleet livery 5504/5509-10 Ex East Yorkshire 5501-5504



  7. Go North East Studio Polygon E400MMC Pack

    SP E400MMC

    This pack is based upon the Go North East E400MMCs which where purchased from Alexander Dennis in 2019 and in 2020. The repaint pack contains:

    E400MMC 10.9m LH Varients:
    Xlines Charcoal 6336 Xlines Dark Green 6338-6351 as new Xlines Dark Green 6338-6351 Clean air leaf + updated interior Xlines Orange 6352-6355 Xlines Purple 6352 - 6355 2019 livery 6336
    E400MMC 10.9m Varients:
    Xlines Charcoal 6337 Queen's Platinum Jubilee 6337



  8. Go North East Studio Polygon Renown Pack

    SP Renown

    This pack is based upon the Wright Renowns that have been in the Go North East fleet, further repaints will be added in future updaes.

    V ETN varients:
    Go North East Northern Go North East SimplyGo logo Go North East 2016 logo Go North East White Go North East Colbalt Go North East Lime (refurbished versions) Go North East theKey Go North East Toonlink Go North East Durham Diamond T CBW varients:
    Go North East Northern Go North East SimplyGo logo Go North East White W FBW varients:
    Go North East Northern Go North East SimplyGo logo Go North East Fab Fifty Seven Go North East Fab Fifty Seven unbranded



  9. morebus (ex unibus HF66CDY)

    The first of the unibus fleet to be repainted into morebus livery.



  10. Stagecoach 'Gold' Repaint Pack

    Welcome to the ‘Gold’ Repaint Pack. This brand-new version contains a complete re-texture of my favourite Repaint Pack. A lot of time and effort has gone into this, and I'm happy to say it’s at the point at which I'm happy with it, so here it is! Contained in this download is various Stagecoach ‘Gold’ liveries, recreated on their OMSI counterparts! For now, there’s repaints for Studio Polygon’s Enviro 400MMC Pack and V3D’s Enviro 200MMC Pack, but I may extend the pack in the future! This pack originally focused on the Stagecoach Midlands ‘Gold 48’ brand, but I have since added many others, re-making the pack many times along the way. If you found this pack anywhere else other than Semaphore Simulations, please notify me immediately through Discord (@Myles#6120). This repaint pack is currently on release version 1.0 and contains 32 different repaints. Each E400MMC repaint contains their own 2K and 4K versions. (E200MMC does not need downscaling, so is included in both downloads at the same resolution).

    Studio Polygon 400MMC Pack V3D's Enviro 200 MMC MrChips E200MMC Enhancement Pack
    AlexCee & Minion_Josh_: Web servers (you're probably on this download page after being redirected from a link in my server!) DJ98: Helpful reference to help enhance the interior, and for the rear of the 10 branded Long-Distance Scania. MrChips: Developer of the ‘E200MMC Enhancement Pack’. sjainOMSI: The ‘OMSI Presentation Tools’. (Used for screenshots in the readme and download page) Simon Langley: Collecting reference to recreate several aspects of this repaint pack. Studio Polygon: For creating the Studio Polygon 400MMC pack. V3D/Digibus Preservation: For the ‘Enviro 200 MMC’.
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  11. Stagecoach Destinations for Westcountry3

    This download seamlessly integrates into the popular Westcountry3 map, enhancing your gameplay with a range of accurate Stagecoach style destination displays, available for both MS and SP display systems.

    Masterswitch Studios Veiling Pack
    Masterswitch Studios Gen 3 Pack
    Studio Polygon Lite
    Studio Polygon 400MMC Pack
    Studio Polygon Renown
    Westcountry3 (This pack is compatible with v3.03a)

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  12. Stagecoach Repaint Pack

    Introducing the Stagecoach Repaint Pack for OMSI 2, the ultimate enhancement for your virtual bus driving experience! Immerse yourself in the iconic Stagecoach liveries that bring authenticity and vibrancy to your OMSI fleet.
    Version 1.1 of the Stagecoach Repaint Pack boasts a collection of meticulously crafted liveries, accurately capturing the essence of Stagecoach buses from various regions. From bold and dynamic designs to classic and elegant choices, this pack offers a diverse range of liveries that cater to every taste.
    The Stagecoach Repaint Pack ensures that your OMSI buses stand out in the most realistic and captivating way. With attention to detail being my top priority, each livery is designed to mirror their real-world counterparts, offering an unmatched level of immersion.
    Key Features:
    Authentic Liveries: Immerse yourself in the world of Stagecoach with an array of meticulously recreated liveries from different regions.
    Variety of Styles: From modern and vibrant designs to timeless classics, this pack covers a wide spectrum of Stagecoach branding.
    Realism in Detail: Every livery is crafted with precision, capturing the smallest details to mirror the actual buses.
    Enhanced Experience: Elevate your OMSI gameplay with a fleet that reflects the diversity and personality of Stagecoach buses.

    V3D's Enviro 200 MMC (Enhancement Pack recommended!)
    Dennis Trident ALX400R Pack (& requirements)
    Addon London
    Studio Polygon Lite Pack
    Studio Polygon 400MMC Pack
    Masterbus Veiling Pack
    Masterbus Gen 3 Pack
    London E200MMC
    Digibus Phantom
    Digibus Mirage (SP Display Mod & Chloe Cross Light Mod recommended!)

    Members of my Discord Server: Providing me with the motivation to continue and release this pack. My Server Boosters: Feedback and testing the pack. Frosty: Cambridge Busway logo Harry Carter: Interconnect logo. (Which I recreated myself) JR21: Creator of the London E200MMC. Allowing me access to an early copy of the bus so I could get this repaint made, whilst learning where everything was on the new templates, and reporting any bugs I found along the way. Jem: Original ‘Smartseat’ texture. (I was given permission to trace over the detailing on the main seat texture). Original resource is available here! Leland Hill: Advert used on the ‘BFS’ E200 MMC repaint. Macauley/MP Repaints: Helpful resources that were used to create this repaint pack. Including diagrams, logos, and much more! Rhys Stirling: Helpful reference imagery that allowed me to create several logos, decals, stickers, etc. Also providing helpful feedback to improve several aspects of the pack, and testing (yes for repaints, but this is a pack of some size). Studio Polygon: For creating the Studio Polygon Lite (Streetlite), and the Studio Polygon 400MMC (Enviro 400 MMC) packs. V3D/Digibus Preservation: For the ‘Enviro 200 MMC’, ‘Digibus Phantom’ (Optare Spectra) and 'Digibus Mirage' (Optare Solo) packs.
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