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    Description Set in Spring 2018, you drive 350109 to Rugby, and then onwards to Stafford with a morning service to Crewe… Just as soon as you are cleared by the signaller. Requirements DTG Portsmouth Direct Line (2018) AP Class 350 Enhancement Pack DTG - Class 390 EMU Add-On AP Class 390 Sound Pack BH Reskins Virgin Trains Class 390 Reskin Pack AP Class 90 Freightliner RSC Class 66 Freightliner v2 AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack Thomson Class 170 Pack AP Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack AP Class 320/321/322 Pack Thomson WCML Trent Valley DTG North Wales Coastal AP Class 220/221 Sound Pack RSC Class 159 NSE AP Class 158 Perkins Enhancement Pack ATS Transport for Wales Class 158 Pack ATS - WCML Midlands and North West JT Voyager Advanced AP Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack Requirements marked in bold are essential requirements. Italic requirements are not required but are recommended for the scenario to work properly or better immersion.
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