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  1. Version 1.0.2


    Abellio London repaint pack for various London Streetlites. Includes 9.6m Daimler (Ex-Arriva London), 10.2m Cummins (Ex-First and Ex-Go Ahead), 10.8m Daimler (Ex-Go Ahead) and 11.5m Daimler (Ex-Go Ahead). All repaints have been given Abellio moquettes but remain in their original operator’s interior scheme. I have also included replacement Reg/No files to reflect a new fleet list.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Westcountry 3 based destination pack for the London Spec ALX400 I plan on adding support for the London Spec E400MMC by StudioPolygon at a later date. This includes all destinations as in the original HOF File. Screenshots are of the player drivable routes. Requirements Essential: V3D TransBus ALX400 - Dennis Trident 2 (London) Recommended: Westcountry 3 This file is also available on FellowsFilm.com
  3. Version 1


    A semi-fictional reskin pack that covers various FirstGroup liveries for the Class 158, including Transpennine Express, Hull Trains and the failed Harrogate Trains. This pack has been worked on bit by bit since the completion of Anglia 158s. Includes new destinations for fictional dividing services as a part of fictional new Harrogate Trains & Hull Trains operations with Class 158s. The reskins included in this pack are as follows: Regional Railways (FTPE) First Barbie (FTPE/Harrogate) Hull Trains (First/No First) First Plain Blue (TPE/Hull/Harrogate) Transpennine Express Screenshots and more information on all of the above reskins are available in the manual included in the download below. Included also are 5 scenarios from Joshua0910: 1P81 1540 Manchester Airport to Middlesbrough [North East England] 1H04/1C04 1537 London Kings Cross to Beverley & Leeds [ECML South] 1H04/1C04 1537 London Kings Cross to Beverley & Leeds [Peterborough - York Modern] 1C04 1757 Doncaster to Leeds [Peterborugh - York Modern] 1C04 1757 Doncaster to Leeds [Harrogate Loop] The requirements for each scenario can be found in the manual included within the download. Reskin Requirements AP - Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack RSC - Network SouthEast Class 159 MJW - Plawwie Scenario Requirements These are detailed in the included manual. Installation Drag and Drop install of the Assets & Content folder into your Railworks folder. Run FG_158s_Install.bat in the Assets folder. The reskin pack should now be fully installed.
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