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Reskin Packs

11 files

  1. Avanti West Coast Class 805/807 Reskin Pack

    A reskin pack of the Avanti West Coast Livery applied on the class 805/807s, as well as including the Hitachi white livery pre the Avanti livery. 
    Requires: Armstrong Powerhouse Class 80x Enhancement Pack & Dovetail Games Class 801



  2. Class 158 FirstGroup Pack

    A semi-fictional reskin pack that covers various FirstGroup liveries for the Class 158, including Transpennine Express, Hull Trains and the failed Harrogate Trains. This pack has been worked on bit by bit since the completion of Anglia 158s. Includes new destinations for fictional dividing services as a part of fictional new Harrogate Trains & Hull Trains operations with Class 158s.
    The reskins included in this pack are as follows:
    Regional Railways (FTPE) First Barbie (FTPE/Harrogate) Hull Trains (First/No First) First Plain Blue (TPE/Hull/Harrogate) Transpennine Express Screenshots and more information on all of the above reskins are available in the manual included in the download below.
    Included also are 5 scenarios from Joshua0910:
    1P81 1540 Manchester Airport to Middlesbrough [North East England] 1H04/1C04 1537 London Kings Cross to Beverley & Leeds [ECML South] 1H04/1C04 1537 London Kings Cross to Beverley & Leeds [Peterborough - York Modern] 1C04 1757 Doncaster to Leeds [Peterborugh - York Modern] 1C04 1757 Doncaster to Leeds [Harrogate Loop] The requirements for each scenario can be found in the manual included within the download.
    Reskin Requirements
    AP - Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack RSC - Network SouthEast Class 159 MJW - Plawwie Scenario Requirements
    These are detailed in the included manual.
    Drag and Drop install of the Assets & Content folder into your Railworks folder.
    Run FG_158s_Install.bat in the Assets folder.
    The reskin pack should now be fully installed.



  3. Class 17 Reskin Pack

    A reskin pack for the IHH Class 17 to include better & superior liveries to the previous pack. 
    Liveries included are
    BR Green, Half & full panel BR Blue  BR Chromatic Blue Requires the IHH Class 17
    Installation instructions included in the readme file.
    Skins made by John Astley
    Hosted on Semaphore Sim
    Any issues don't hesitate to contact me via Discord:



  4. Class 313 Southern Variants

    Reskins of the Class 313 into the liveries that they wore during their transition to Southern from London Overground.

    AP Class 313 EMU Pack Requirements marked in bold are essential requirements. Italic requirements are not required but are recommended for a better experience.



  5. East Midlands Railway Class 222 Reskin

    This reskin pack contains the Class 222 in the EMR Transitional livery.
    JT Class 222 Advanced 2019 Installation
    Drag and Drop install of the Assets folder into your Railworks folder.
    Run the InstallEMR222.bat located in the Assets folder.
    The reskin should now be fully installed.



  6. Go North East E200MMC Repaint pack

    Download Requirements:
    V3D E200MMC: ADL Enviro 200 MMC
    E200MMC Enhancement Pack: V3D E200MMC - Alexander Dennis E200MMC Enhancement Pack

    What's included?
    In this pack you'll get the following:
    5498 Original 5488-97 Green Arrow Original 5488-97 Green Arrow Revised 5498 Bee Network Green Arrow Bee Network 5488/91/98 SuperShuttle 2019 Unbranded 2019 New Logo Fictional 715-717



  7. LNER Azuma Reskin Pack

    A reskin pack of the Special LNER liveries applied to their Class 800/801 Azuma units.
    Requires: Armstrong Powerhouse Class 80X Enhancement Pack & Dovetail Games Class 801



  8. SWR 159 Reskin Pack

    A reskin pack which features the Class 159 in both plain livery and half stripe/plain livery as carried by 159005.
    RSC Class 159 AP Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack Installation
    Copy the "Assets" folder into your Railworks folder (This can be found by going to your Steam Library, right clicking on Train Simulator then Manage - Browse local files
    Run the "InstallSWR158-159.bat" now located in Railworks/Assets. (Do not run as Administrator)
    The reskin pack should now be fully installed.



  9. SWR 444-450 Reskin Pack

    A reskin pack months in the making, featuring the new South Western Railway class 444 & 450 liveries, additionally including the Ex-SWT & SWR Pride/Trainbow liveries alongside several alterations/improvements to all of the 444/450 liveries.
    The reskins included in this pack are as follows:
    Ex-SWT (SWR Pride) Class 444 SWR (Plain) Class 444 SWR (Plain) Class 450 SWR (Pride) Class 444 (Both Versions) SWR Key Workers Class 450 Requirements
    DTG Portsmouth Direct Line (2018) AP Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack Installation
    Drag and Drop install of the Assets folder into your Railworks folder.
    Run InstallSWR444-450.bat in the Assets folder.
    The reskin pack should now be fully installed.
    Make sure that PortsmouthDirectAssets.ap is extracted if the .bat file fails.

    Make sure to read through the manual before installing, as a lot has changed and, as explained in the manual.



  10. Transpora Repaint Pack V1

    Transpora Bus Repaint Pack

    Some of Lauries finest and very good repaints, Not much to say.
    - Buy, Track Go E200MMC 
    - Buy, Track Go E200MMC Old Style
    - Times, Fares, Info E200MMC 8.9
    - Transpora New E200MMC 11.5 (subsitute for the 10.8)
    - Times, Fares, Info E400MMC
    - Transpora White Eclipse 2 B7RLE Gaskets



  11. Turbostar Variants Pack

    This livery pack features the Class 170 170397, 170398 and 170399 trio of units that were ordered by Porterbrook as speculative units with them eventually being taken up by Central Trains regional services in and around Birmingham, the Midlands, Wales and the South West until the franchise's demise in 2007. Since 2007, 170397 and 170398 have been operated by CrossCountry whilst 170399 moved to First TransPennine Express and thus reclassified as 170309. This unit has subsequently become a Class 168 as 168329 with Chiltern Railways since 2015. This reskin pack includes quick drive consists and Doctor Ratchet Glimmerity's custom-made destinations.
    Thomson Class 170 DMU add-on from Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/208364/Train_Simulator_BR_Class_170_Turbostar_DMU_AddOn/ OR Thomson Edinburgh to Glasgow Route add-on from Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/65216/Train_Simulator_EdinburghGlasgow_Route_AddOn Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack from Armstrong Powerhouse: https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/class_168-170-171_enhancement_pack Installation
    Installation steps are detailed with in the manual provided. Extra Credits
    Thank you to Doctor Ratchet Glimmerity for making destination boards and Central Trains & South West Trains interior texturing as well as assistance with creating this truly unique reskin pack.
    This reskin pack also available from my website: https://sites.google.com/view/turbo-ted.



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    • TurboTed

      As of February 27th 2024, the Chiltern Railways Class 172/1 reskin received a major update to it's internal and external textures. This reskin has also been updated to use my newer installation method. 
      What has changed:
      Interior sides of external doors recoloured and retextured. Passenger information screens retextured. Retextured ceiling panels. Retextured inter-connecting carriage doors. Retextured seatbacks. Stand Clear decals on external doors added. For more information please visit: https://sites.google.com/view/turbo-ted/train-sim-content#h.2gndem5alxlt
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