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About This File




This is a Repaint pack with over 60 high-quality repaints, each being a different member of the First South Yorkshire fleet. Ranging from realistic repaints to even some fictional ones, allowing everyone to drive their favourite South Yorkshire liveries, past and present, even if that exact bus type may not be in OMSI at the moment. Each repaint comes with its own fleet number and registration, these are all clearly mentioned in the title when choosing your repaint. First South Yorkshire operates out of two depots - Olive Grove in Sheffield and Leger Way in Doncaster - there are plenty of repaints carefully recreated from each depot, even including some route brands! This pack also includes a hof file for WestCountry 3.03, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire 3.0, to allow you to have the full South Yorkshire experience, no matter what map you're on!

You can find more information about the exact fleet numbers, and liveries in the readme.txt, that comes with your download.

To install, simply drag and drop the OMSI 2 file into the "common" folder inside steamapps (this will more than likely be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\" for you). There should not be any overwriting files.
If you are updating the pack from any previous release other than v1.5, you should run the "[DnA] Old File Remover.bat", which can be found in your main OMSI 2 install - failing to do this will result in conflicting files which will cause more harm than good. You can do this before the new update install, or after - it will not remove new files.


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What's New in Version 1.6


  • Rework of Veiling Olympia across all Olympia Repaints
  • Rework of Doncaster's Red Buses livery on 63129 & 63135
  • Rework of the Sheffield livery for the Veiling
  • Addition of Tap On/Tap Off stickers across all repaints that need it
  • Addition of a new "Don't just ride it, drive it!" destination
  • Addition of 63049 (Sheffield - Christmas)
  • Addition of 63052 (Sheffield Poppy Appeal)
  • Addition of 63066 (Sheffield - Keeping Our City Moving)
  • Addition of 63135 (Doncaster's red buses - Christmas)
  • Addition of 35101 (Urban)
  • Addition of 35102 (Blue Front Urban)
  • Addition of 69440 (Sheffield)
  • Addition of 69442 (Sheffield)
  • Addition of 69524 (Sheffield - transporting over half a million people)
  • Addition of 69528 (Olympia)
  • Addition of 69530 (Olympia)
  • Removal of 63050 (Ex-CityRed)
  • Removal of 63057 (Sheffield)
  • Removal of 69512 (Olympia)
  • Removal of unbranded Sheffield Eclipse 2 livery

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