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Introducing the Stagecoach Repaint Pack for OMSI 2, the ultimate enhancement for your virtual bus driving experience! Immerse yourself in the iconic Stagecoach liveries that bring authenticity and vibrancy to your OMSI fleet.

Version 1.1 of the Stagecoach Repaint Pack boasts a collection of meticulously crafted liveries, accurately capturing the essence of Stagecoach buses from various regions. From bold and dynamic designs to classic and elegant choices, this pack offers a diverse range of liveries that cater to every taste.

The Stagecoach Repaint Pack ensures that your OMSI buses stand out in the most realistic and captivating way. With attention to detail being my top priority, each livery is designed to mirror their real-world counterparts, offering an unmatched level of immersion.

Key Features:

Authentic Liveries: Immerse yourself in the world of Stagecoach with an array of meticulously recreated liveries from different regions.

Variety of Styles: From modern and vibrant designs to timeless classics, this pack covers a wide spectrum of Stagecoach branding.

Realism in Detail: Every livery is crafted with precision, capturing the smallest details to mirror the actual buses.

Enhanced Experience: Elevate your OMSI gameplay with a fleet that reflects the diversity and personality of Stagecoach buses.



  • Members of my Discord Server: Providing me with the motivation to continue and release this pack.
  • My Server Boosters: Feedback and testing the pack.
  • Frosty: Cambridge Busway logo
  • Harry Carter: Interconnect logo. (Which I recreated myself)
  • JR21: Creator of the London E200MMC. Allowing me access to an early copy of the bus so I could get this repaint made, whilst learning where everything was on the new templates, and reporting any bugs I found along the way.
  • Jem: Original ‘Smartseat’ texture. (I was given permission to trace over the detailing on the main seat texture). Original resource is available here!
  • Leland Hill: Advert used on the ‘BFS’ E200 MMC repaint.
  • Macauley/MP Repaints: Helpful resources that were used to create this repaint pack. Including diagrams, logos, and much more!
  • Rhys Stirling: Helpful reference imagery that allowed me to create several logos, decals, stickers, etc. Also providing helpful feedback to improve several aspects of the pack, and testing (yes for repaints, but this is a pack of some size).
  • Studio Polygon: For creating the Studio Polygon Lite (Streetlite), and the Studio Polygon 400MMC (Enviro 400 MMC) packs.
  • V3D/Digibus Preservation: For the ‘Enviro 200 MMC’, ‘Digibus Phantom’ (Optare Spectra) and 'Digibus Mirage' (Optare Solo) packs.


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