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    When loading the scenario, you may be presented with a message telling you that you are missing stock. Press F2 and press "Cancel" and the scenario will load.
    If you are missing essential requirements then the scenario may not work as intended and we cannot provide support for that.

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About This File


Welcome to the ‘Gold’ Repaint Pack. This brand-new version contains a complete re-texture of my favourite Repaint Pack. A lot of time and effort has gone into this, and I'm happy to say it’s at the point at which I'm happy with it, so here it is! Contained in this download is various Stagecoach ‘Gold’ liveries, recreated on their OMSI counterparts! For now, there’s repaints for Studio Polygon’s Enviro 400MMC Pack and V3D’s Enviro 200MMC Pack, but I may extend the pack in the future! This pack originally focused on the Stagecoach Midlands ‘Gold 48’ brand, but I have since added many others, re-making the pack many times along the way. If you found this pack anywhere else other than Semaphore Simulations, please notify me immediately through Discord (@Myles#6120). This repaint pack is currently on release version 1.0 and contains 32 different repaints. Each E400MMC repaint contains their own 2K and 4K versions. (E200MMC does not need downscaling, so is included in both downloads at the same resolution).



  • AlexCee & Minion_Josh_: Web servers (you're probably on this download page after being redirected from a link in my server!)
  • DJ98: Helpful reference to help enhance the interior, and for the rear of the 10 branded Long-Distance Scania.
  • MrChips: Developer of the ‘E200MMC Enhancement Pack’.
  • sjainOMSI: The ‘OMSI Presentation Tools’. (Used for screenshots in the readme and download page)
  • Simon Langley: Collecting reference to recreate several aspects of this repaint pack.
  • Studio Polygon: For creating the Studio Polygon 400MMC pack.
  • V3D/Digibus Preservation: For the ‘Enviro 200 MMC’.


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What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


Just updating screenshots! No need to re-download.

Latest version still remains v1.0.

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