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This repaint pack contains highly detailed renditions of many Arriva liveries and brands found in the real world. There’s ‘Cotswold Stone’, ‘Interurban’, ‘Journey Mark’ and even ‘Sapphire’. This pack of repaints has been in development by myself for several months, so I’m very proud to have it out there for everybody to enjoy! Repaints are included for several buses, including (but not limited to) the Studio Polygon Lite, Renown, Masterbus Veiling, Morphi’s Citaro & V3D’s B7TL ALX400! Regarding the Studio Polygon Renown, Cotswold Stone and Interurban have already been done by me, and are available in the official repaint pack!



  • SemaphoreSimulations (AlexCee & Minion_Josh_): Hosting the pack on their web server made specially for this!
  • Reverseidle: Floor and fabric textures (For interurban and JM).
  • Leland Hill: Adverts.
  • omsi.dev server boosters: Testing and providing feedback.



What's New in Version v1.2 - 'The one where it ends'   See changelog


- Unlocks exterior repaint files (PLEASE ask me beforehand if you plan to release ANYTHING using my work)
- Removes 2K resolution repaints (You are free to resize textures until your heart's content)
- Corrects colours on all liveries (I reset my monitor and realised how bad they all were)
- Adds Digibus Mirage M850 repaints:
        o (MW) Arriva Cotswold Stone
        o (MW) Arriva Interurban
        o (MW) Arriva JM (Old Logos)
        o (MW) Arriva JM (New Logos)
- Adds Digibus Mirage M920 repaints:
        o (MW) Arriva Cotswold Stone
        o (MW) Arriva Interurban
        o (MW) Arriva JM (Old Logos)
        o (MW) Arriva JM (New Logos)
-    Adds Studio Polygon 400MMC 10.9m Low Height repaints:
        o (MW) Arriva Sapphire (4551)
        o 'Dirty' variants of all pre-existing repaints
- Adds C400R (Chloe Cross EP - Facelift Mk1) repaints:
        o (MW) Arriva - Journey Mark
        o (MW) Arriva - Journey Mark (Sapphire int)
        o (MW) Arriva - Interurban
        o (MW) Arriva Sapphire (Old)
        o (MW) Arriva Sapphire (New)
- Adds a C400R (Chloe Cross EP - Standard) repaint:
        o (MW) Arriva JM (Pride)
- Adds a Masterbus Gen 3 (Masterdeck 10.5m HEV) repaint:
        o (MW) Arriva - Leicester Electric
- Adds a Masterbus Veiling (B7RLE) repaint:
        o (MW) Arriva JM
- Adds a Masterbus Veiling (Gasket B7RLE) repaint:
        o (MW) Arriva JM (Ex-Sapphire) (2)

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