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6H25 - Margam Terminal Complex to Llanwern Exchange Sidings 1.0.0

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About This File

During it's temporary return from France, take 66191 on a heavy load of steel coils and ingots from the yard at Margam to Llanwern Steelworks. Don't be fooled by the train's length, your loco will be pushed to it's limits hauling the train up the steep South Wales hills; make sure you don't come to a stand! Total duration: 110 minutes. Year: 2009.


  • DTG South Wales Mainline
    • AP Class 175 EP V.2    
  • RSC EWS Class 66 V2.0
    • AP Class 66 EP
    • DPS (RFletcher72) ECR Class 66 reskin
  • AP BAA/BZA Wagon Pack
  • JT Common Library
  • RSC Settle to Carlisle
  • RSC Riviera Line
    • Major Wales Design Class 143 Revamp Pack
  • Kuju European Loco & Asset Pack
  • RSC Freightliner Class 57
    • AP Class 57 Sound Pack
    • Vulcan Productions Virgin Class 57/3 pack
    • Vulcan Productions Arriva Trains Wales Class 57/3 pack
  • AP Class 142
  • AP Class 150/2
  • JT Class 153
    • Major Wales Design Class 153 Revamp Pack
  • DTG FGW Class 150/1
    • AP Class 150/1 EP
  • Thomson Class 170
    • AP Class 170 EP
  • RSC NSE Class 159
    • AP Class 158 (Cummins) EP
    • AP Class 158 (Perkins) EP
  • RSC EWS & Freightliner Class 08
  • RSC Class 70 (for TEA Tanks)
  • DTG Class 67 (comes with South Wales Coastal)
    • DPS (RFletcher72) EWS BYA Reskin
  • DTG DB Schenker Class 59/2 (for JHA Wagons)
  • JT IWB Cargowaggon Pack
  • AP Mk2D-F Pack

Requirements marked in bold are essential requirements. Italic requirements are not essential but are recommended for the scenario to work properly.

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