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    If you are missing essential requirements then the scenario may not work as intended and we cannot provide support for that.

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Studio Polygon Lite

Masterswitch Masterbus Gen 3



GoWestCountry is a brand new company, owned by GoAhead Group, operating in the WestCountry region of the United Kingdom. They're on a mission to improve bus services across the region, providing high-quality bus services, with high-spec buses, featuring announcements, USBs, WiFi and much more! They will operate across two main depots in the region - Paignton depot (Middant) and Totnes depot, and different depots run different routes across the map, as per real life. This is a pack with over 40 high-quality repaints, some being different variations of the same livery, and some others being entirely different members of the GoWestCountry fleet. Not only does this pack come with over 40 repaints, it also comes with a HOF, featuring Custom fonts, to replicate those used by GoAhead in their North East division, as this is where the repaints have been based on. Additionally, this pack also comes with an AI List, which will use the repaints and HOF provided, to provide you with the best experience possible with the pack, giving you that full GoAhead experience.


You can find more information about the exact fleet numbers, and liveries in the readme.txt, that comes with your download.


To install, simply drag and drop the OMSI 2 file into the "common" folder inside steamapps (this will more than likely be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\" for you). There should not be any overwriting files. 

It is recommended that you make a backup of the AI List that comes with the map, in case you ever wish to revert to the older one.


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