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Meridian/Voyager Advanced 2019 Overhaul 4.4

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About This File

This patch updates various aspects of the Just Trains Meridian/Voyager Advanced 2019 to bring it up to a modern standard.


  • 7 New Liveries
    • Avanti West Coast (221101)
    • Avanti West Coast With Black Headlight Surrounds (221101)
    • Avanti West Coast (Vinyl Wrap)
    • Ex Virgin Trains (Avanti West Coast)
    • Hull Trains (FirstGroup Logos)
    • Plain White (221101)
    • Virgin Trains Flowing Silk Without Shield (221101)
  • Added a notched throttle to the German, Transitional and USA liveries for both the 220 & 221
  • Added compatibility for notched throttle and updated physics from the Meridian/Voyager Advanced 2019 with the AP Sound Pack
  • Brand new headlight textures (excludes marker and tail lights)
  • Glass is now much less shiny, darker and more transparent as per reality
  • More responsive physics from the default Meridian/Voyager Avanced 2019 ported to the AP Sound Pack
  • Passenger view audio now matches the AP Sound Pack cab audio
  • Removed outside alarms
  • TMS now has new textures, including a Windows CE bootup screen
  • New InputMappers
    • Battery Toggle - Ctrl+B
    • Cab Light - L
    • Clipboard Light - Shift+L
    • Destination Display - F7/F8
    • DRA - Y
    • Driver/Guard's Bell - C
    • Hill Start Button - Numpad Plus
    • Instrument Lights - I
    • Toggle DSD - Ctrl+D
    • Toggle Tilting - Ctrl+T
    • NOTE: I've also duplicated the AWS reset key to the E key, to allow you to reset the DSD with E as-per AP addons.


  • Just Trains Meridian Advanced 2019/Just Trains Voyager Advanced 2019
    • AP Class 220/221/222 Sound Pack (Pro)
      • Azeez Sim EMR Reskin Pack (Available on SemaphoreSim)

Requirements marked in bold are essential requirements. Italic requirements are not required but are recommended for a better experience.

What's New in Version 3.0.0   See changelog


Added new InputMappers. See description for more details.

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