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2R89/2P01 - York to Selby to Scunthorpe 1.0.0

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About This File

Drive a pair of 150s from York to Selby on a cold, wet morning. You'll then need to divide and take one of the units on a service to Scunthorpe as far as Doncaster. 

CreativeRail York to Peterborough

AP Class 150/2

DTG Class 150/1

        AP Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack

        VP Ex-London Midland 150/1 reskin

DTG Class 801

        ATS (Kev Butler) LNER 801 reskin

        BRS TPE Class 802

Thomson Class 170

        AP Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack

        MJW Northern 170 reskin

AP/W Class 320/321/322

        ATS (Clowes) Northern Class 321/322

        ATS (Clowes) Renatus Class 321


AP JPA Wagons

Kuju European Loco & Asset Pack

        AP Class 43 MTU Enhancement Pack

        ATS (TSD) Scotrail Inter7City HST

        JH IHA Wagons (DISCONTINUED)

DTG South Wales Coastal

Thomson WCML Trent Valley

        RF72 EWS FKA Wagons

RSC EWS/Freightliner Class 08

        ATS (Jamesclass37) RSS 08 reskin

RSC Class 66 v2

        AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack

        MJW GBRf Cemex 66780

        VP Maritime Class 66 Pack 

RSC EWS Class 67

        AP Class 67 Enhancement Pack

DTG Freightliner Class 70

        DPS Colas 70 reskin

        DPS GBRf MJA Wagons

RSC Class 91

        AP Class 91/Mk4 Enhancement Pack

        ATS (TSD) VTEC/LNER 91/Mk4s

RSC Class 159

        AP Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack

JT Voyager Advanced 2019

Fuller Sim Class 185

UKTS UK Wagon Pack #1


Requirements marked in bold are essential requirements. Italic requirements are not required but are recommended for the scenario to work properly.

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