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4S43 - Daventry DRS to Mossend Euroterminal 1.0.0

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About This File

You are in charge of 4S43 from Kingmoor to Mossend Euroterminal, not much traffic in front given the current climate. You are running the longest train so far at 21 twinsets to help keep shelves stocked through the pandemic. Your maximum running speed is 75MPH for this journey. Year: 2020.

Notes: There will be a 10 minute wait for you to exit the yard to allow a TPE service to pass in front. There is also a fault with points at Carstairs, so you will encounter a short wait there as well.


  • Keithmross WCML North
  • DTG Class 390 (discontinued)
    • AP Class 390 Sound Pack
    • BH Reskins Class 390 Pack
  • DTG Class 68
    • AP Class 68 Enhancement Pack
    • LWReskins TPE Plain Blue Class 68
  • DTG Portsmouth Direct Line (2018)
    • AP Class 350 Enhancement Pack
  • RSC Class 92
    • AP Class 92 Sound Pack
      • AP Wagon (Flat) Sound Pack
    • DPSim Megafret 'Less CO2' Wagons
  • TotalizeMedia Class 380
    • Ash992478 Abellio Scotrail

Requirements marked in bold are essential requirements. Italic requirements are not required but are recommended for the scenario have better immersion.

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