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5Q77 16:17 Edge Hill Depot - Northampton 1.0.0

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About This File

Welcome onboard 805009. You'll be undergoing driver training, familiarisation and traction mileage for this service whilst also racking up the miles on the unit. Set up the cab and prepare for departure at 16:17 and timetabled to arrive at Crewe for 17:03 for a driver change. Please ensure that the points are set to exit the depot. Enjoy the evening run down. For some reason some of the speeds on the HUD are wrong, please follow the Non - EPS speed boards on the ground. Based on real life workings. Year: 2024


Alan Thomson Sim - WCML Midlands and North West

Armstrong Powerhouse - Class 800 Enhancement Pack

Semaphore Simulations - Class 805/807 Avanti West Coast

Armstrong Powerhouse - Class 350 Enhancement Pack

Alan Thomson Sim - Class 350 Cab and Pass View Patch

Armstrong Powerhouse - Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse - Class 158 Perkins Enhancement Pack

Major Wales Design - Class 158 Transport for Wales Reskin Pack

Major Wales Design - Class 390 Enhancement Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse - Class 156 Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse - Class 319 Pack Vol. 1*

Armstrong Powerhouse - Class 66 Enhancement Pack*

Armstrong Powerhouse - FSA/FTA Wagon Pack*

Alan Thomson Sim - Class 66 LED Headlights Pack*

Armstrong Powerhouse - Class 43 MTU Enhancement Pack*

Armstrong Powerhouse - Class 43 VP185 Enhancement Pack*

Major Wales Design - Class 43 Enhancement Pack*

Armstrong Powerhouse - Mk3 Coach Pack*

Armstrong Powerhouse - Signal Enhancement Pack*

Armstrong Powerhouse - Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack*

Requirements marked with an asterisk (*) are not essential but are highly recommended to gain the full experience of the scenario.

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